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Clarissa Høecke
Homeschool Mother of Two
Hi! I'm Clarissa, a homeschooling mom of 2 teenagers – Gabrielle (15) and Carson (13). This is the 10th year of our homeschooling journey as a family. I'm also part of the ministry team at KC Church in Kansas City, where I currently live with my husband Kevin, our two kids and our golden retriever Lincoln.

As a Political Science and Women’s Studies graduate from McGill University, I've long been passionate about building community. While homeschooling the kids, I've found immense joy in providing counsel to youth and family ministries for over 14 years.
Beth Graham
"Retired" Homeschool Mother of Three
Hi! I'm Beth, a “retired” homeschool mom who taught my 3 kids (now 31, 27 & 23) throughout high school. I look forward to sharing my experience on how to create an environment where there is classical learning, with plenty of room for fun and creativity. Now seeing my kids in the working world, I have a deeper perspective of what's most important to teach to your homeschoolers.

I have a Facebook group, “Homeschool Encouragement & Support”, and YouTube channel, “Homeschool 2 minute tips”. I also teach parents homeschool coaching classes via Zoom. Feel free to check out my website!
Marie Heiderscheit
Homeschool Mother of Two & Early Childhood Educator
Hello! My name is Marie. My husband and I currently live in the state of California and we are homeschooling our two children who are 4 and 6 years old. I've embraced the idea of being a life-long learner, and searching out truth, goodness, and beauty right alongside my children.

My own educational upbringing was quite colorful, since I experienced public school, private school, and homeschooling as a child. Growing up in different educational environments led me to pursue Early Childhood Education in college. Over the years, I've learned the in's and out's of teaching kindergarten, in-home daycare, administration, child nutrition and safety. Currently, I am the director of our local homeschool program and love playing a small part in providing more diverse educational choices for our community.

Keely Conlee
Homeschool Mother of 3 & Small Business Owner
Hi! I'm Keely Conlee, a mom of 3 little girls who are all homeschooled. I grew up in the public school system and experienced all that there was in that environment, and decided for my family that someday it wouldn’t be a good fit. Here I am, years later, homeschooling my children.

I am also a small business owner, podcaster and YouTube blogger. I love to empower and encourage other families who have chosen the daunting yet rewarding task of homeschooling.

Together, we believe you are capable of homeschooling and look forward to showing you how to do so within your means. In the meantime, feel free to check us out on YouTube, Instagram, our website, or our upcoming podcast.
Meet Your Moderators
Quinta Caylor
Homeschool Mother of 4 & Registered Nurse
Hey! I'm Quinta, a Registered Nurse and mother of 4 boys residing in North Carolina. I am passionate about helping families. I recently became a homeschool mom, and after experiencing firsthand the issues new homeschool parents face, I have been working hard to bring together friends and other experts to offer solutions to the homeschool community. An eternal optimist, I find fulfillment hanging around other fun, positive, and out-of-the box individuals. My greatest fulfillment lies in the transformation I see in lives, families and communities, as I work with them to achieve optimal wellness and wholeness.
Rachel Ding
Experience Designer & Middle Child of Three
Hello! I'm Rachel – a middle child of three. I'm also the grandkid of a ship captain, school principal, and farmer, which means a passion for exploration, education and cultivation runs in the family. With a background in mental wellness and global development, I've worked with youth from the middle school to university level, guiding them in creative problem-solving, socio-emotional learning, productivity, and STEM education. Recently, I helped redesign Canada's largest engineering talent development program at the University of Toronto, and grew a math coaching network for U.S. Consulate & Marine Corps families in Asia.
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